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Krzysztof Woźnicki


Conflict arbitration in Poland is one type of practice having to struggle against holding back on the part of decision-makers and apprehension from the milieu of layers, protecting their preeminent position.

Already in 1997 I was accepted by FIDIC and listed as an Adjudicator, this List is currently called "List of Experts".

Beginning 1999 I have rendered services as a mediator and an adjudicator on behalf of the European Court of Arbitration, as to later continue such activities under my own name.

In 2005 as a second Pole, only after Adam Heine, I became a Member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, an American organization, leading international dispute adjudication body and since 2007 Country Representative for Poland.

I have given training sessions on FIDIC, EBRD, ICC templates and adjudicated under a hundred of disputes. Obligation of respecting confidentiality prohibits my naming subjects and parties to these disputes.

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