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Cost management is not terra incognito any moreInżynier Budownictwa NO 8/2008

Aleksander Sztorm talking to Krzysztof Woźnicki Director, Technical Supervision Team “Złote Tarasy” Construction Site.

As an Engineer, you supervised numerous prestigious construction projects, including currently the largest Warsaw development, namely “Złote Tarasy”. For many years you have been positioned at the interface between the interest of an Investor and those of a Contractor.
It may seem, on the face of it, that they are at variance with each other: the Investor wants to have the structure built as cheap and good as possible whereas the Contractor is interested in the highest price possible. How do reputable Investor you have cooperated with for years strike a happy medium in selection of a Contractor?

Indeed, on the surface the interest of the Investor and those of the Contractor are in conflict with each other, as one can frequently see in a traditional way of thinking followed by both parties. However, their mutual relationship should be characterized by cooperation resulting from the common goal, i.e. implementation of an investment project. The community of interests concentrates around at least three key tasks: complete the development on time, stay within the budget limits and meet the qualitative expectations. Therefore, the Investor’s Supervision, as a representation of the Investor, and the Contractor should consider each other to be partners rather than adversaries.

Only one quotation from many has been quoted above, from numerous articles published in professional and daily press.

I have been invited many times to the TVN or TVN24 studio to comment on events or construction disasters on a regular basis.


Inżynier Budownictwa nr 8/2008 - okładka
Cost management is not terra incognito any moreInżynier Budownictwa NO 8/2008
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